Project Happy

Project Happy

So earlier today, I had a little mental breakdown while looking for the thing I treasure the most (at the moment)  my beloved iPod. Thinks sort of just clicked through my head. I started thinking these things and hearing voices in my head. You probably think I'm delusional and dramatic but, I'm not making things sound worst than they seem. I'm actually doing the opposite. Back to the project, I'm going to try this thing whenever I feel really crappy I block out everything and focus on something that actually matters. Either I do something productive or lose myself in a song or a book. I'll be posting a whole lot more entries about this so I hope you don't mind. I really think something's wrong with me, and I'm trying to figure out what that is. So yeah thanks. Bye. Or see you soon?


Making It Matter.

Making It Matter.

Three simple words that hold so much more meaning. What is making something matter? I see it like this. Wanting to matter is a part of human nature. I mean who doesn't want to be remembered for something? The real question is, what do you want to be remembered for? What would people think the second they hear your name? Would you want to hear "Oh her? Well she was a bitch." or would you rather have "Him? Well, he was a jerk back in high school. He bullied every single freshman when he was a senior." If that's the case, stop wasting your time reading this and continue with whatever you were doing before. If not, well you may continue. Making it matter means making every single thing, every single thought, every single action have an effect. Obviously not in a negative way. Making it matter means reaching out to people especially in their time of need. Making it matter means making other people feel that they matter. It's not always about you. I just realized that recently. Making it matter is not about making yourself matter making you the star, making you the hero, making you the center of everything. No. That isn't making it matter. Well, that's how I see it. How do you see it?

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What is escape? Is escape something everyone wants? Is escape a mere illusion? Or is escaping something we need? According to Google, this six letter word defines breaking free from confinement and/or control. But really, in your own definition, what is escape? Escape is something we all search for but we don't recognize that. Escape is something we want once in a blue moon but we don't often take that as a good thing. And the question is why is that? Why does society think of escape as some thing negative? I guess I'm writing typing this to change that. Wanting escape doesn't make you delusional or crazy or in simpler terms, a nut head. It is quite the opposite. Wanting escape is normal, really. Each and everyone of us has that form of escape. Mine may be this blog and yours may be different. But it's all the same really. Escape. Now the real question is, what are we escaping from? That my dear friend is something I know not of, yet. 


Hi. It's me. Again.

Hi it's me again.

So far this has reached like 9 views so (yaaaay) thank you so so much for viewing this useless blog I am still very confused and am still looking  for a legitimate reason onto why you came across this blog (laughs)


Free Fall

Free Fall

any notion of the body where weight is the only force acting upon it.

"How are you feeling?" my answer to that question would be really simple. Free fall. No, I'm not "fine" saying I'm fine would be lying wouldn't it? I feel nothing but the weight of my fears. Fear of heights, fear of snakes, fear of bears, fear of falling, fear of the dark, fear of being replaced, fear of being alone, fear of not being enough and the mere fear of having fear itself. I feel that the weight of my fears are the only thing I feel right now. A few days ago, I got into a fight with my dad. I felt like I was never enough for him. And that no matter how hard I tried, I was only the mistake. The unforgivable, unforgettable, unlovable mistake. I snapped. I broke down. I really tried being stronger but I had failed. Again. I felt like shit. Like I didn't have anything to do with my life. But I had an idea. What if fear is supposed to be the thing that keeps you going? What if fear wasn't supposed to bring you down but up? What if free fall was actually something that's okay? So many what ifs had come to mind and I just had to share it. Fear is not the absence of bravery it is merely over thinking something that matters to you. So if you're afraid of something really big? Do some thing about it. Don't wait for that something to just happen. And when in doubt? Take the free fall. You'll never know what you'll get if you don't try right?

What is this blog?

Hello. So this is awkward? Let me get straight to the point. This blog is created for individuals like me (basically awkward, weird, anti-social freaks who are desperately trying to survive and are putting too much effort in fitting in they lose themselves) No, this is not a suicidal account who post depressing articles. If you are looking for that, please leave. This is more of a way to voice out and express my ideas to the world. To make them see what I think for a change. I don't want to be the outcast anymore. It all has to stop now. I know I deserve a spot somewhere and I may or may not be on a quest to find it. This is merely a way for me to have a say on things.  I will try to update really often and post more but I can't make any promises. So I guess I'll be seeing you around then? Okay.